02: Exhibition

Finally I found someone that enjoys museum visits too.

Thank you National Heritage Board (NHB) for free entry to local museums where you just have to flash your pink/blue IC at the counter and you get a free ticket to enter the museum.

The National Museum of Singapore is currently having two temporary exhibits – Genesis by Sebastiáo Salgado and We: Defining Stories by various photojournalists featuring iconic events (good/bad) that happened in Singapore.

I felt that Genesis was trying to convey some kind of environmental message across. Photos were all in black-and-white and there were many photos that made me wonder how were the photos taken. It felt like it has captured the thoughts of those that were in the photo, be it animals, marine mammals, sceneries, people, plants, etc. Photos featured were very impressive and I admire the courage of the photographer being able to withstand the strong cold and heat of the various places that he had ventured out to take the photos of.

We: Defining Stories featured many important moments and iconic events of Singapore starting from themed Merdeka where we identified images that was once featured in our Social Studies Textbooks. I also got to know about the Thomson Street Circuit that we had in the late 1980s in which it evolved into clinching the deal of having the real F1 Grand Prix in Singapore and having it running for consecutive 5 years (including this year) since 2008. F1 GP was also one of the reasons that I chose to be in this industry, other than the development of the IRs.


Towards the end of the exhibition, there was a photo slide show with photos about Singaporeans and I spotted my Secondary School seniors – Chunli and her quadruplet siblings that were conceived from the intro-fertilised IVF which are commonly known as test-tube babies.


They are all now 25 years old this year and the family lives opposite my block!

There are also other exhibitions available in the NMS probably I will visit again when I have the time soon. 🙂

02: Exhibition

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