04: Learning the Japanese language

I have many friends and people around me who are always curious about my interest in Japan and its language.

Usually, the first thing I would say is the language.  I enjoy the language mainly because of Hiragana and Katakana. I like the characters and I feel a good sense of accomplishment that I am able to read and understand them. Since young, I enjoyed animations like Doreamon and watching them in Daimaru supermart in Liang Court last time. I have always wanted to know what they were talking about and understanding the language so that I would know what is it all about.

I have this indescribable feeling for the interest and love for the Japanese language and with that I am glad that I made the decision three years ago to learn the Japanese language properly with some proficiency. I am happy that I have achieved my goals. With this interest, it gained me many good friends with similar interests as well . Japanese class classmates from different walks of life becoming good friends and I am thankful for that.

I will continue to do well in the Japanese Language so that I can acheive my personal goals and be able to use the language more efficiently in time to come (like travelling).

04: Learning the Japanese language

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