08: Mothers’ Day

“That’s why we sbould expect the best for each other, not fear the worst. People tend to move, subconsciously, in the direction of other people’s expectations.” – quoted from Iris Chang’s email conversation with her mother Ying-Ying Chang titled The Woman Who Could Not Forget.

Iris Chang had a mother who believed in her and supported her in her journey as a writer – from her teenage and college student days to her best-selling titles namely Thread of the Silkworm, Rape of Nanking, Chinese in America.

For today’s post, I would like to dedicate this post to my mother who has painstakingly brought me up for the past 23 years. I am more than thankful and grateful to my parents for what I have and I am here as today.

There isn’t a day that she has stopped caring for us; be it for everyday household chores like preparing food, preparing us all for work and school, etc. I still remember a recent incident that I almost fainted in the toilet at home, luckily my mother was at home to help me out if not I would have probably died in the toilet.


But also, on this special day for the mothers, let’s not forget our fathers that are all out at work working hard everyday and bringing back the bread home to the table. And every day should be a day to show appreciation for our parents and not just on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. With our parents being at the pink of health by our side everyday, is also considered Mothers’/Fathers’ Day! :mrgreen:

With the above quote, I hope and expect for the best for both my parents who supported and believed in me when nobody else did throughout my childhood days to school (primary-secondary-polytechnic) and witnessing me graduating with a degree.



08: Mothers’ Day

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