Hair for Hope 2014

Hair for Hope 2014

My bestie Jacquelyn will be pledging her hair by shaving it for the Hair for Hope 2014!
“Hair for Hope is Children’s Cancer Foundation’s signature fundraising event – the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.”

I was surprised when she told me that she was going to take part in the Hair for Hope 2014. However, at the same time I am also very proud of her courageous act. I don’t think I will be that brave to do so (although I might want to do it someday?) I believe this will be a big milestone that she is going to take on the 26th June! So excited for Jacq! 🙂

Please support her by donating for a good cause! I have included the link for her shavee profile in the image above – you can just click on it! I have donated to the Children’s Cancer Society! What about you?

Proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Society




自欺欺人 zìqī-qīrén
[deceive oneself as well as others;fool others as well as oneself] 用自己都无法置信的话和手法来欺骗别人,既欺人,又自欺

用自己都无法置信的话或手法来欺骗别人。《朱子语类》卷十八:“因説自欺欺人,曰,欺人亦是自欺,此又是自欺之甚者。” 鲁迅 《且介亭杂文·病后杂谈》:“还有一种轻捷的小道,是:彼此说谎,自欺欺人。” 瞿秋白 《乱弹·世纪末的悲哀》:“越是叫得响,越是因为他们胆怯,这是自欺欺人的叫喊,不过想掩饰自己的害怕,盖住内心的悲哀,世纪末的悲哀。”





“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”
– Tom Brokaw 

Graduation is a celebration of one’s success.

I am indeed grateful for what has happened till this point in time. I am grateful for those who have accompanied me throughout my journey in my past two years in University life. I would like to thank my family, my friends and my uni mates from various classes.

Thank you my friends for all the great moments and cheers to a better future!


Priscilla Foo is now a Graduate from Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration in University of Nevada Las Vegas!


After-thoughts of New Mexico

After-thoughts of New Mexico

Photo of a Belgium toddler that I met in Old Town Albuquerque while I was there snapping photos and I saw him. Talked to the mother and found out that they were visiting from Belgium. Tried speaking french with the kid which was just bad. Wanted to get a picture with the boy but took together with the mom instead because he did not want to look in the camera (which turned out really well!)

I really liked New Mexico very very much. I did not expect myself going there. Really. Initially when Joshua told me about New Mexico I was like “where was that?” I did not know what was there in the town but what I knew was just Albuquerque which was well-known for its Hot Air Balloons and some scenic views.

But after three days spent eating local Mexican food, understanding their culture, observing people and their way of life, it was really an eye-opening experience. One can find so many things in the town from cultures to architectures (adobes), famous international attractions (Sandia Peak Tramway, White Sands National Monument) to adventures (road trips and Hot Air Balloon Flights). It was such a fulfilling experience and I loved the cultures that they had. I learned that Native Americans (Indian Pueblos) were the first few that had their roots there.

I enjoyed Santa Fe and Albuquerque very much. I always believe in exploring new places and cultures that are not available back here at home. In fact, the four of us were the only Asians that were there which was really interesting.

I am thankful for great travelling buddies (Joshua, Hidayah and Mellissa) that made the trip so fulfilling and fun!


Back to Sunny Singapore!



I am back home safe and sound since last Monday. Being at Las Vegas for the past 5 weeks and stopping over at Tokyo for four days has been a really eye- and mind-opening experience for me. I have so many things to be thankful for – my parents, my friends, and everything. This trip taught me so much and I had so much adventure and also caused so much inconveniences to many but through that I knew who were those that truly cared for me and I am very grateful for that!

On campus I got to know people that I see in Singapore everyday but never spoken to them or seen them before, got to know some others better on a personal level when I only Hi-Byed them every time. This trip I learned so many things from so many people and I got to make new (both UNLV Singapore and American) friends as well!

Many more first times:
Visited Zion National Park, Did Skydiving, watched Cirque Du Soleil, Hitched a ride, went on a hot-air balloon in Albuquerque, talking to strangers (as usual) and making new friends, visiting world-class hotels and resorts, went on a road-trip, staying up late and having alcohol party, took a picture of a gun store against the sunrise, Visiting Walmart at 4am in the morning, Visiting Sea World and telling someone that I was from Park Services in another theme park from the other side of the planet, watched X Burlesque at Flamingo, gamed at the casino and won/lost some money etcetera.

Things that I have observed in the USA and Japan and some learning points from this trip:
to be truly passionate on what you do

If I had never studied in UNLV, I would have never had this awesome experience to study in the main campus and had a lifetime there in USA. If I ever had a chance to do my undergraduate studies all over again, I would do it in the main campus (at least for a year exchange). But still, I am very thankful for the opportunity and my parents for supporting my decision to study in UNLV. I have exactly five more weeks from today before I finish my modules with unofficial graduation. Reality kicks in but I hope for the best in the future and to be as positive as always!


Man of Steel @ the Orleans Casino

Century Theatre at Orleans Casino - Man of Steel
Century Theatre at Orleans Casino – Man of Steel (16 June)

It was really nice to hang out with this group of friends – Hafiez, Ray, Alfred, Cordelia and Camellia and my roomie Santhyaa!

I swear this is the first time I fell asleep in the theatre, not that i disliked the shop but its was just not my kind of movie. It was interesting to join locals for their movie screening then finding out at the end of the movie they do applause (unlike Singapore). People here are more engaged. Took the “Neoprint” and it was $3. fun stuffs.